PHPunit: How to test a controller which throws an error.

Let’s say we have a method in a controller like this:

'@Route (path'/add', name'"add," methods
public function add (Request $request,): Response 
   throw new BadRequestHttpException ('Error');

To test that the exception is well lifted just write this

public function testList(: void
   $client = self::createClient();
   $client->catchExceptions (false);
   $crawler = $client->request (

The first function expectException indicates to phpunit that the method will return an error.


the second one catchExceptions prevents the exception from being displayed on the terminal during testing

Testing Project Test Suite
..[error] Uncaught PHP Exception Symfony-Component-HttpKernel-Exception-BadRequestHttpException:...

So the rest of the points will not be interrupted.


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