PHP and simpleXML

When you want to process an XML file in PHP, there are two possibilities. Either we use simpleXML or we go through DOMDocument. In this article I would deal more specifically with simplexml.

To load a file, just use the method simplexml_load_file

$xml - simplexml_load_file ($file);

By doing so, you get a SimpleXMLElement.

If the xml has a namespace, it is imperative to add it to the element, otherwise you won’t be able to browse it.

 $xml-registerXPathNamespace ('n', '');
    Ms. Coder
    Onlivia Actora
    Mr. Coder
    El Acter
   So, this language. It's like, a programming language. Or is it a
   scripting language? All is revealed in this thrilling horror spoof
   of a documentary.
   PHP solves all my web problems

Then it is possible to recover the necessary data

echo $movies--movie[0]--plot;

we can also, if desired, use xpath. It is very important that each node has namespace, in our example “n”

echo $xml-xpath ('/n:movie/n:plot')

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